GigE camare 1.3 Megapixel  1/3” CCD

Key Features:
· GigE interface of 1Gbps bandwidth, with no relay required and the maximum transmission distance up to 100m
· 128MB on-board cache, capable of caching multiple pictures for burst transmission or retransmission
· Automatic exposure control, user-defined lookup table (LUT), and Gamma correction
· Supports Synchronization among cameras or between a camera and an external device via a hard trigger or soft trigge
· Allows image acquisition in different exposure modes
· Color camera with built-in image interpolation algorithm for better color reproduction; supports automatic white balance
· Compatible with GigE Vision protocol V1.2, and seamless connection with third-party software

· Electronic semiconductors
· Factory automation
· Food and beverage
· Pharmaceutical packaging, etc



GigE camare 1.3 Megapixel  1/3” CCD
Model MV-CE013-50GM MV-CE013-50GC
1.3MP CCD GigE Industrial Camera
| Camera
Sensor Sharp RJ33    1/3” Global Shutter CCD
Resolution 1280×960
Pixel Size 3.75 μm×3.75 μm
Frame Rate [email protected]×960 Mono8 [email protected]×960 YUV
[email protected]×960 Bayer8
Dynamic Range >60dB
SNR >37dB
Gain Range 0-20dB
Exposure Time Range 34μs-1sec
Shutter Mode Global shutter, supporting automatic exposure, manual exposure, and one-press exposure
Data Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Digital I/O Opto-isolated input *1
Opto-isolated output *1
Bi-directional non-isolated I/O *1
On-board Storage 128MB frame buffer
Data Format Mono 8/10/10p/12/12p Mono8/10/12, Bayer GR 8/10/10p/12/12p,YUV 422 8 UYVY, YUV 422 8, RGB8
| General
Power Supply and Consumption <2.6 [email protected], voltage range of 5~15V, and PoE supported
Temperature Operating temperature 0~50℃, storage temperature -30~70℃
Dimensions 29mm×29mm×42mm
Weight Approx 68g
Lens Mount C-Mount
Software MVS or third-party software that supports GigE Vision protocol
Operating System Windows XP/7/8 32/64bits
Compatibility GigE Vision
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS



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